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J&K Teachers Can Now be Judged by Their Students, Students Can Now Give Feedback Through An App

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Jammu and Kashmir Takes the Lead in Education Revolution

Srinagar – The state of Jammu and Kashmir has made a historic move towards modernizing its education system with the launch of two cutting-edge applications. The Chief Secretary, Dr. Arun Kumar Mehta, launched the applications in a ceremony attended by top education officials in the state.

The first application, named SAMIKSHA, will collect monthly feedback from students of class 6th and above on their teachers’ performance. The student feedback forms are designed with 25 parameters (questions), including questions on teaching-learning techniques, to get an accurate evaluation of the teacher’s performance. This report will be visible to all levels of the education hierarchy, including teachers, Head of Institutions, Zonal Education Officers, Chief Executive Officer, and the Director of School Education for Kashmir and Jammu.

The second application, JK Attendance-SED, is available for both Android and iOS, and will provide real-time attendance tracking for teachers. The application will capture the live location of the employee with geo-coordinates and enable time-specific tracking, reducing the need for paperwork and improving attendance management across all schools. The same application will also allow employees to make leave requests online, which will be automatically sent for approval and kept in their leave account for viewing by higher authorities.

Dr. Mehta praised the education department for developing these applications, calling them “powerful tools to take the education sector towards much higher efficiency and accountability.” He advised the department to make the student feedback a benchmark while analyzing the annual performance reports of the teachers, and encouraged the recognition and reward of teachers who perform well, receive positive feedback from students, and are punctual.

The Principal Secretary of School Education, Alok Kumar, revealed that all of the digital applications, including a “Whole School Safety” manual, were developed in-house by the education department. The manual provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety of students from their homes to their schools and back. The department has also provided orientation to CEOs, DIET principals, and teachers on the various kinds of vulnerabilities that students are exposed to and their remedies.

Jammu and Kashmir has taken a bold step towards revolutionizing its education system with the launch of these innovative applications. These tools will increase efficiency, accountability, and provide valuable feedback to help improve the quality of education in the state.

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