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Monthly School Fees, Transportation Charges To Be Covered For Children Of Deceased Police Personnel

Asks private schools to treat such students as part of admission under EWS; Govt will reimburse monthly fee, transportation charges upto maximum ceiling of Rs 3,000 per child per month, annual uniform charges up to a maximum ceiling of Rs 10,000 per child per year

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The Jammu and Kashmir government will cover the school fees, transportation fees, and annual uniform fees for the first two children of police officers who died while on duty due to violence or militancy.

These children will also be treated as part of the Economically Weaker Section for admission to private schools.

The government will reimburse expenses for these fees and transportation up to a maximum of 3000 INR per child per month.

“Sanction is accorded to the adoption for meeting the expenditure on account of education of wards of martyrs of two eldest children up to class 12th in any School in Jammu and Kashmir of such police personnel who are martyred in course of performing duties attributed to militancy related incidents or violence,” reads the order.

It reads besides, it will also reimburse one-time annual uniform charges up to a maximum ceiling of Rs 10,000 per child per year and one-time expenditure on only text books prescribed by the respective boards if any, up to class 12th in any School of both government and private, within the territorial jurisdiction of J&K.

“The schools would require being duly recognized by the government and affiliated with the JK Board of School Education or Central Board of School Education or any other registered Board in India,” it reads.

It also states the private schools shall treat these students as part of admission under Economically Weaker Section (EWS) and reimbursement will be made accordingly.

“The reimbursement shall be made for the first two children and in case the second one is a twin then both the twins shall be entitled to reimbursement under this arrangement.”

It also said the reimbursement on account of monthly fee, transport charges, shall be made on quarterly basis by the concerned District Superintendent of Police, on the production of relevant vouchers, where the family of the Martyr ordinarily resides.

The reimbursement on account of expenditure incurred on uniform and books would be reimbursed in the month of April every year subject to the ceiling and condition.

“The payment shall be made to the legal guardian whoever incurs such expenditure on the wards by the concerned District Superintendent of Police on production of valid proof of guardianship by the legal guardian,” it said.

It further states in case owing to any dispute the children of a particular martyr having varying guardians for example one child living with mother and the other with his family, the reimbursement shall be made to both the guardians on actual basis, however, on the production of separate guardianship certificate to be issued by the concerned school authority.

“The children shall be eligible for reimbursement of education expenses even if the widow of the martyr remarries.”

It also reads the concerned district SP shall draw the claims on account of school fee and transport charges on quarterly basis and cost of books and uniform on annual basis from the budgetary provisions to be placed at his disposal.

It reads he shall further ensure that the school fee is not exorbitant and is at par with the rates charged by the school to other students.

“This arrangement shall be deemed to come into force fully for the year 2022-2023, besides the pending claim of Rs 15.22 lakh for the year 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22 shall be reimbursed, subject to the mentioned stipulations.”

It further reads out of the funds amounting to Rs. 1.70 crores approved under detailed Head 028-Grant- in-aid and from the next fiscal onwards, the budgetary allocations on this account shall be provisioned under Detailed Head 088- Welfare and funds shall be released by the Finance Department under the said Head of Account in favour of Home Department and Director General of Police, who shall in turn place the same at the disposal of District SSPs including Police Districts through the defined line of budgetary releases

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