JKBOSE Announces Changes for 2023-24 Academic Session

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Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education Announces Changes for 2023-24 Academic Session


In a significant move, the Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has declared noteworthy alterations in the vocational subjects taught at the high school and higher secondary levels for the upcoming academic session 2023-24. This notification aims to provide comprehensive insights into the modifications, ensuring clarity for all stakeholders involved.

Changes in Job Roles and Qualifications

  1. Agriculture: New Job Roles
    • Class 9th: Dairy Worker
    • Class 11th: Dairy Farmer/Entrepreneur
  2. Apparels, Made-ups & Home Furnishing: Specialized Sewing Machine Operator
    • Class 9th: Sewing Machine Operator
    • Class 11th: Specialized Sewing Machine Operator
  3. Automotive: Four Wheeler Service
    • Class 9th: Four Wheeler Service Assistant
    • Class 11th: Four Wheeler Service Technician, L4
  4. Electronics & Hardware: Junior Field Technician
    • Class 9th: Junior Field Technician
    • Class 11th: No change
  5. Healthcare: Home Health Aide
    • Class 9th: Home Appliances Trainee
    • Class 11th: General Duty Assistant – Trainee
  6. Retail: Retail Cashier
    • Class 9th: Retail Cashier
    • Class 11th: Retail Trainee Associate
  7. Physical Education & Sports: Physical Education Assistant (Early Years)
    • Class 9th: Physical Education Assistant
    • Class 11th: No change
  8. Plumbing: Assistant Plumber
    • Class 9th: Assistant Plumber
    • Class 11th: Plumber (General)
  9. Security: General Security Guard
    • Class 9th: Security Guard
    • Class 11th: CCTV Video Footage Auditor
  10. Tourism and Hospitality: Housekeeping Trainee
    • Class 9th: Housekeeping Trainee
    • Class 11th: Food & Beverage Service Associate

Syllabi Unaltered for Some Trades

  1. The syllabi for three trades in Class 9th and six trades in Class 11th remain unchanged.
  2. No alterations in the syllabi for all the 13 trades (15 job roles) of Classes 10th and 12th.

Implementation Details

The changes will be effective from the academic session 2023-24, aiming to enhance the learning experience, align with current educational trends, and equip students with relevant knowledge, skills, and competencies.

Quality Assessment

To ensure a comprehensive evaluation, the assessment methods include practical examinations conducted by external agencies, written tests, and oral tests/viva. These methods, endorsed by Sector Skill Councils (SSCs), aim to provide up-to-date knowledge and relevant skills.

Notification regarding New Job Roles in Vocational Subjects for Class 9th and Class 11th for Academic Session 2023-24Download

In essence, the modifications introduced by JKBOSE for the academic session 2023-24 strive to create a more dynamic and relevant learning environment. These changes reflect the board’s commitment to quality education, aligning with contemporary educational standards.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When will the changes come into effect?
  • The changes will be implemented in the academic session 2023-24.
  1. Are the syllabi for all trades altered?
  • No, the syllabi for some trades remain unchanged.
  1. How will the assessment be conducted?
  • The assessment includes practical examinations by external agencies, written tests, and oral tests/viva.
  1. What is the purpose of these changes?
  • The changes aim to enhance the learning experience and equip students with relevant knowledge and skills.
  1. Where can I find the detailed syllabi?
  • The detailed syllabi are available on the JKBOSE website.

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