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Kashmir University Orders Review Of Evaluation Result, Details Here

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The University of Kashmir has issued a statement assuring students that proper procedures were followed in the evaluation of their exams and that any claims of irregular evaluation in certain subjects are being investigated and addressed.

The Controller of Examinations at the University of Kashmir, Dr Majid Zaman, has stated that the university will be looking into allegations made by some undergraduate students in their sixth semester that there was unfair evaluation in certain subjects, such as Chemistry and English. He emphasized that these claims will be thoroughly examined and dealt with in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations, and that any necessary action will be taken based on the merits of the case.

According to Dr Majid, the University of Kashmir has ordered a review of the evaluation process for the Chemistry and English subjects in response to concerns raised by some students about unfair evaluation. He stated that the university will consider the expert report on the matter and determine the next steps to take once it has been received.

The evaluation is undertaken following due process in all respects, including selection of subject-specific experts for evaluation, he said, adding that in case of grievances therein, the University Statutes provide for process of re-evaluation, and seeking of Xerox copies of evaluated answer-scripts, which is open for all desirous students.

About the claims by UG 3rd semester students regarding evaluation of Urdu Literature paper, a random and specific check of evaluated answer scripts was carried out by an expert committee which has, however, recommended that there is “no need for mass review of the said answer-scripts and the concerned students, in case of any grievance, may apply for routine process of re-evaluation if they so desire.”

The evaluation process has been fully expedited in order to ensure timely declaration of results and, resultantly, timely award of degrees to the students. However, due care is being taken in the process to enable fair evaluations.

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